ANM Pramila in Kanoi-SAM Jaisalmer-a Role model in Health System

Kanoi is a village located in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan state. There is a sub-centre located in the village, which is in poor condition and is not functional. There is no pharmacy located within reach. The dilapidated condition of the centre pushes back the community from availing the services. People are apprehensive about visiting the centre, people either have to travel to Community Health Centre (CHC) or District Hospital or Jodhpur if any emergency arise.

Pramila was posted as ANM in sub-centre, Kanoi a year back but the efforts she puts up every day is commendable. She is hard working and dedicated towards her profession. Looking at the condition of the Sub Centre, she decided to run a Sub Centre at her home to cater the healthcare needs of the villagers. She provides basic facilities of Immunization, nebulization, family planning products, providing family planning counselling to women, contraceptive pills, IUDs, and box of condoms, essential medicines like Albendazole, & ORS, Zinc sachets, doing ANCs, PNCs, vaccination to pregnant women, children on 1st and 3rd Thursdays for which she is not paid with incentive. but look at her dedication level for providing health services to the needy. On every VHND she provides immunization, ANC, PNC, Iron Folic acid distribution, deworming tablets, taking care of children with ARI.

Pramila maintains her sub centre to the best of her capability keeping in consideration, cleanliness and hygiene. The floor is painted with cow-dung, there is a single bed facility for admission of the patient, and a separate room for examining pregnant women.

There is no supply of the medicines from the CHC to the sub centre through van because it is with in 10 km from it. Pramila’s husband is very supportive and uses his own modes of transportation to procure medicines.

Pramila motivates people for immunization and other services that she provides. She identifies high-risk cases she refers them to the nearest CHC and High-Risk Pregnancy to District Hospital or Jodhpur medical college. People in the village follow superstition that disclosing pregnancy would make their family God curse them so, they visit the sub-centre almost in their second Trimester. Pramila motivates people to come to avail the medications and other services in the 1st trimester to avoid complications, as behaviour change communication and community mobilization she is trying her level best to change their beliefs.

Pramila’s perseverance, commitment depicts how an initiative from a woman alone can bring change in the health status in a village. Pramila like determined ANMs should be awarded for her endeavours and special incentives be provided to them from the Government of India.