Our Values

At Piramal Foundation, we believe values connect and divide us as human beings. It’s imperative to have a common understanding of our core values and institutionalise them to build a distinctive Piramal culture. In endeavor to build “One Piramal Culture” – we have designed a framework of “Piramal Success Factors” with 6 leadership themes – Thinks Big, Impacts Communities, Displays Entrepreneurship and Excellence, Displays Humility, Collaboration and Empowers and Develops. These are a set of framework designed to ensure that we translate our core values of Knowledge, Action and Care into high performance behavior every day.

At Piramal Group, our core values of Knowledge, Action, Care and Impact have been an integral part of our guiding philosophy. These values represent our deeply held beliefs and define us at the individual as well as organisational levels.

Shaped by our past and collective experience, they determine how we engage with others, what we identify with and what we love and value.

We encourage a deep understanding of these core values and believe in institutionalising them across our entire organisation so as to build a distinctive Piramal culture.